I enjoyed my reading with Sharon as it was accurate and insightful! It gave me hope in seeing a different reality regarding
some difficult things that have recently entered my life.  Sharon has a great empathy and patience and delivers the
information she receives with a caring heart.   She invites questions and she can re-state the insight for you in an
understanding way if, as in my case, I needed some more focus in a few areas.  
She’s an accomplished reader and teacher as well!  Thank you, Sharon! ...
                                                                  ...  G. Davis, Columbus

Let me just start by saying that Sharon Jones is an amazing, kind and loving women. She has not only become my energy
guide and teacher but also a dear friend. She is extremely knowledgeable in everything she practices. She has helped heal
me and teach me how to heal myself and help others. She is also an extraordinary counselor.
She really listens and cares about your thoughts and feelings. She will never tell you what to do,
but will always explain to you what your options are. It is up to you to decide from there...

I was never a believer in all of this stuff but Sharon took the time to explain everything to me through many talks and I have
seen for myself the changes in my life. I have seen others and I must say that Sharon is the best. If you are in a place of
confusion or in need of healing she is the person to see. I can't express enough how wonderful she really is...
                                                                  ...  Melissa, Delaware

Sharon is one of 3 people I call and trust to read me and rely on her intuition to assist me on my journey.  Her readings are
amazingly accurate, not only her tarot, but her psychic abilities have always been right on!  Whether she reads me in person
or at a distance, she has always been accurate about what she sees and her healing abilities are immediate and lasting.  I've
also witnessed first hand past life journey's through Sharon, not just for myself but with others and the Universe as well.  She
is an exceptional Psychic, Reader, Healer & Teacher and I am proud to have her both as a friend and a colleague she is
exceptionally knowledgeable about the metaphysical, spiritual & universal energies, and how those energies work with your
life; yet at the same time she is very grounded.  To study under Sharon or to have Sharon read you or  offer you one of her
many healing techniques would be a benefit to anyone's life.
Thanks Sharon, Love you girl!..

.. Candie Michelle, Cleveland, SacredGoldenHeart.com & DiamondLightAngelsnow.com

Sharon Jones has an exceptional knowledge of everything metaphysical.   I have taken many of her classes and have also
had reiki with her and tarot readings with her.    I highly recommend her for any form of holistic healing or training or web
design work which she is also highly skilled at"....
                          ... Dave Scarbrough,  Columbus, reikidaveohio@yahoo.com

Sharon is a seasoned healer, reader & business woman. Sharon has traveled the world and studied from the best. She has
taught many spiritual & metaphysical classes. She has a compassionate heart and really wants to change the world with her
Love Crusade. She especially is sensitive to the youth and their spiritual progress. Sharon can assist you in so many ways. I
would call upon her for spiritual guidance & direction & healing, Namaste....
                                      ... KC Matronia, Westerville, universal-harmony.com

Sharon Jones is a very knowledge person in the metaphysical world.  She is very knowledgeable with any stone, crystal,or
mineral. She is happy to help anyone and answer any question she can. She is especially good with stone therapy. I have
known her for some time and would recommend her to anyone looking for a variety of metaphysical things.
Sammy Castro, Mt. Vernon Ohio

I would recommend Sharon to all thoughs interested in not only learning how to master, teach and practice reiki. I had taken
Reiki one and two somewhere else and there were many modalities not yet taught that i find vitally important to practicing
Reiki, the most important of these was how to protect yourself daily from negative energy how to clear chakras to help heal. I
am so inspired by this instructor as she not only passed on this gift which changes my life in such a positive way but she
helped me heal from the hardest thing i ever had to go threw my brothers passing. The gift of healing is out there for
everyone to simply reach out and ask for and Sharon's instruction is so in depth that anyone can learn as they are given
homework to practice and made sure that they walk away with the knowledge on how to use the gift of healing. Lets heal the
world and create heaven on earth once more, what could be more important!!!!!...
                                                                                  ... Dulcinea Dumont, CA

Sharon was a great help for me in clearing blockages and releasing negative energy that was preventing me from realizing
my full potential. I hired Sharon to come to my house and perform a cleansing after recently getting out of a very toxic
relationship of over ten years. She performed a smudging of my house and was very thorough and informative throughout
the whole process. I felt a much better sense of well being in the days after and regained my energy, passion and
enthusiasm in the next week. She also gave me the tools and great advice on how to maintain harmony and balance in my
household. I would recommend Sharon Jones to anyone she has a true gift!...
                                                                  ... Abraham Alexander, Columbus

Not only is Sharon very knowledgeable and born with a gift to heal, she is a great teacher as well.  My lessons were geared
to my learning style and she was always available to answer any questions I had.  Her warm spirit and welcoming personality
made her a joy to be around.  She encouraged me, guided me and helped me to become confident my abilities. I would
highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking to expand their healing skills or to those who have ever thought about learning
healing energy modalities....
                                                                          ... Jill McMahon, Westerville

I came to see Sharon to help get past a "stuck" point.  I had been struggling for about five years.  I had tried multiple things
to help, and I was desperately searching.  The very first day, I felt better.  She helped me clear my energy, and I feel better
than I have felt in at least five years.  I was very depressed and sleeping all the time.  I feel so awesome now!  I consider
Sharon a friend, and she will do everything she can to help you.
Thank you Sharon! ..
                                                                                  ... Tonya Bluhm, Logan

Well Sharon L Jones have be a great help to me with my health problem I feeling better and doing great now I seen her twice
and will keep seeing her .Thank you Sharon and your doing a great job god bless you....
                                                                                  ... Soloman G., Columbus

Sharon is an amazingly intuitive woman. I have been privileged enough to have experienced her reiki healing as well as her
card reading. I am astounded by her ability to realign my energy and by her perception. One of my favorite qualities of
Sharon is that she is able to infuse her sessions with her sweet, yet direct personality. Always a pleasure and always an eye-
opening experience, Sharon Jones is certainly one of the best....
                                                                          ... Sommer R., German Village

Sharon has such a gift connecting with people on an emotional & spiritual level. Her ability to heal comes from using her gift
of intuition as well as her spirit guides to "see through" all the masks and layers we put on to disguise our pain. She is a great
listener & healer."...
                                                                                     ... Mellissa Herzog, OH

Sharon is an amazing teacher and mentor.  She has helped me through many a tough time not only with her spiritual
guidance but with her skill as a Life Coach.  She continues to teach even when not “in the classroom,” and has supported me
and encouraged me to explore my own metaphysical gifts.  Her card readings are naturally skillful with spot-on delivery.  As a
healer, she is always there to lend some energy and scan for the root of the problem.  I have learned so much about the
metaphysical Universe from her, and I find myself passing on this information when I do my own card readings.  Truly
invaluable!  Sharon is a joy to know and work with, and she’s so much fun to be around when “Spirit” comes to play!
                                                                                          ... Ross Fillmore, OH

I asked Sharon to do a crystal healing on me, to align my chakras and to bring good energy to my body. I had never done
anything like this before, so I had no idea what to expect. During the session, I was just able to relax, close my eyes, and just
be. Sharon simply placed crystals in different areas of my body. I immediately could feel the energies from the crystals
throughout my body. It was so relaxing and invigorating. After the session, I felt re-charged and alive! The only way I can
explain it is as a "heady high". I felt refreshed and so much lighter. Any minor aches and pains I had been feeling before were
simply gone. This was an amazing first experience! Ive also had the privilege of getting to know Sharon and her wisdom is
endless. I am always amazed by her knowledge, and how she uses positive energies in everyday life. I've had her do several
card readings. I never ask anything, I just simply let her read what cards are pulled. They are always right on to what is
pertaining to my life at that time. Through that, I allow her to explain them, and I ask her guidance for any further questions I
may have. She's not only always dead on, she always  show a different take on the situation or problem I may be having. She
can simply look at me and know if I'm carrying too much stress, and she offers guidance of releasing it and dealing with those
stresses. I've never been anything but amazed by Sharon and her amazing abilities. She is a positive force and would
recommend anyone to sit and just talk to this amazing woman. Even if it's for a few minutes, you'll walk away feeling a sense
of positive energy and maybe even learn something about yourself you did not know before. This is simply just a quick
summary of just a few of the sessions I've had with Sharon. I encourage you to find your guidance with her. Enjoy!
... Ashley Cannistraci, Delaware, OH

Meeting with Sharon face to face brought this to light:  Forgiveness may seem difficult, but giving it is life saving and
receiving it is beyond price... I have needed so much of both but having a softer and a new heart is indescribably better than
anything.  She has also helped me learn to read Tarot and so much more.   
 ...Daniel Gerber, OH

Sharon Jones, Thank you my dear friend and sister. For all your help over the last couple of weeks, helping me to heal. The
things you have done have helped me to breathe easier and to lessen the pain. I love ya darlin' and I'm so very grateful and
thankful to count you as a friend and to consider you family.
                                                                                         ... Amy Gibson, OH
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