Sessions can run anywhere from 10 minutes up to 90  minutes, depending on what is revealed during a
reading.  Readings can be done in-person, by phone or via the Internet.
I also offer Group Sessions & Parties too! - Schedule One Today!  

Psychic and/or Intuitive Reading - (No Cards/non-visual) - (I tap into both your own energy system and the Universe  to
offer guidance and support for your reading.  Then we discuss what feelings (senses) or what I am seeing or what I have been
told  back to you in layman's terms, so that you can gain clarity as to your questions.  Note: If you are more of a visual person, I
suggest you request a Tarot reading, so you too, can see what I am seeing.)

Tarot Reading - (Using Tarot Cards) - Tarot is the only deck designed by using symbols and colors to pull in "your own"
energy system at the time of the reading that is available to you to use or change. (Tarot Card interpretation - I use Tarot as a
visual for you so that you can see what is going on.  I then guide and teach you visually as to how to change or accept your
energy system for a proper outcome.)  Trivia - The playing cards we use today for poker, rummy, etc, are taken from the
lower/minor arcana of the Tarot cards.  They were also redesigned to be the picture book of the Bible, as a lot of people could
not read or write.

Oracle Card Reading - (Angels, Fairies, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, etc.) - (You request this reading when you are
looking for outside opinions for a certain situation, unlike Tarot which is your own energy system.  Oracle Readings - Are like
you are asking your best friends, hey, what do you think about this?  And then they (those within the Universe), will respond and
offer you support, their wisdom or opinion for your circumstances.)

Having a Reading with me - Sharon Jones -
I consider myself, not to be your typical "text book" reader.   I am known amongst my
as the interpreter of the universe, a name I am very proud of.  I work with all the realms of the universe to offer you
support and guidance, no matter what type of reading you are choosing. When you receive any type of a reading from me,
please understand that I am also an energy specialist, empath and medium, therefore, all these gifts may come into play during
your reading.   I see the energies around you, interpret them and then I guide and teach you, as to how to move forward and/or
to work with them,  so that you can be aware and in control of various situations that may come up during a reading and your life.

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