Numerology - Basic Report - $45.00
You will be requested to send me your name at birth, any name changes (such as your married
name, nick name, etc.) and your birth date.  Once I receive that information I will create your detailed
report.  Then you will  receive a PDF Report with the detailed interpretation

Numerology is the Science of Numbers and  did you know your name can be converted into numbers
and then translated through numerology which sums up YOU!  It is very accurate, somewhat like
Astrology.  Except using letters & numbers vs. Planetary symbols for the interpretation of who you are
and what your goals, talents and obstacles are in this lifetime.  

This report consist of the Two main factors related to you - (your name given at birth and your birth
date - This is where you start, with Numerology)  The combination of these two, create the "Basic
Report", The Basic Report offers you insight to yourself, from there, you can use these numbers and
interpretation to create all other reports you may be interested in such as  "Your Heart's Desire,
"Opportunities for Life", Romance, Compatibility, Etc. (Prices vary for other reports depending on
which one you choose.)  All other reports and their explanation will be listed at the bottom of your
Basic Report.  

What are unique about my reports is that I also interpret intuitively and with help from the universe as
to how your personal numbers will effect you in this lifetime and how you can use them to your
benefit, or which traits you may have to work on to obtain the journey you are seeking.

Note:  I also offer "quick Numerology readings for parties and events - Call for details, as I have
designed a system that works quite well for these types of events.

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