Again, let me say I am sorry for your loss!  And I absolutely know how important it is to have closure or to
know your loved ones are okay.  I know this because I too have had loss - My 27 year old son chose to
leave us in 2017; and I have had other losses as well.  So yes,  I m here for you!

Speaking with spirit has been in existence forever; and they have been visiting me since I've
been 2.   Since then, I have learned to accept and trust those who speak to me from the other
side, as I also deal with other entities on different realms as well.

So What is a Medium?:  
 A person who understands and has learned the skills of working with the
energies to be able to lift the veil to communicate with those who have left their physical body  (died).  
They may communicate with past loved ones or other people who can assist with the reading.  A medium
is  able to receive a message or guidance and then can interpret it for you; so that hopefully you can
find peace and gain closure, as your loved ones wants you to be happy here on earth.
Note:  Not all mediums are to be considered psychic and not all mediums have access or are able to
interact with other entities or beings that also live within our Universe.

A mediums main purpose is to communicate with those who have been in a physical human form, and
for some reason are n longer with us here on Earth.

What You Need To Know When Having A Medium Session:
Talking to those who have crossed is a two way street and spirit also has a choice whether to
communicate or not.  I want to be honest and let you know this because I have interacted with them all
my life and I have learned a lot about the other side.  Plus,  I myself have died in this lifetime, obviously I
had to come back, So I do feel it is important that you understand how the real process works.    So
please understand, when you go to "any" medium for a reading, contacting your personal loved ones is
not a guarantee!  But, there are some guarantees... Keep reading

Why didn't my loved one come through?  This is due to there are some spirits, that just don't want
to communicate, or it is too early and they are not acclimated into their new energies yet, so they don't
know how to lower their energies yet to communicate with the living
(their loved ones still here on Earth)
as they are now vibrating at a much faster energy then we are - They must be trained on how to do that,
just like we have to learn how to contact them.  It is a skill
(on both sides) and yes, anyone can learn this
process  So, keep that in mind, as some are in school learning about their new world so that one day,
they "can" communicate with you.  And when they are in class, it's very rare that they can be excused to
go talk to a physical human...  Just saying!  Again, Please keep that in mind and do not get frustrated or
thin they don't care or are not okay.  They are, I can gaunter that much!  Now you understand the
realities when trying to communicate with your loved ones.  But I am sure whom ever you go to will
hopefully Explain this to you as I too know how frustrating it can be when I don't get  direct line per se',
because I also want to get closure for you.  But I've been doing this for so long, I also know how to get
answers from others as to why your loved one can't come visit!

But here's a Guarantee:  This is what I can guarantee you.  When you go to any "seasoned" Medium;  
if your loved one is truly unavailable for some reason,  someone from the other side,
(maybe another
relative, a friend, etc)
.  But someone, will step in for the person you are trying to contact; to let you know
what's going on and to reassure you they are okay..  And again I can guarantee you... Your loved ones
are absolutely okay, they are loved, and all is forgiven, there in no pain; and yes, eventually, they will be
able to communicate or show you so!  Trust me, they are definitely in good (Gods) hands!

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