Cutting Chords and/or Removing Attachments - Description
Note of Caution:  Absolutely make sure that the person you go to,  understands the difference
between a chord and an attachment, as some chords you may want to keep; as they are assisting
you on this journey! But if it is an attachment, yes, you definitely want to get rid of it!   Most "Energy
Specialists" and "Shamans", like myself; along with "Angel/Healer Specialists", can perform this quite

What are the Difference?    
  • Chords - Chords are to be considered something that you, yourself have attached yourself to;
    or in other words, something you are choosing to hold onto; whether it serves you well or not.    
    For a visual - Imagine an umbilical chord - You are attached to your mother for food,
    stimulation etc.  Once the chord is cut, you now have the choice to move about on your own,
    stay attached to your mother or choose to love her from a distance, without it holding you
    back.  Get the picture? Or let's say your first love, even though you were a teenager, you hod
    onto that;and as you grew-up, you compare every person to that first love, which doesn't serve
    you well moving into new relationships.    The mother chord - you may want to keep because
    yes, your mother is still in your life, but you know those ties are a positive one (based on you
    do have a good relationship with mom)  but on the other hand the first love chord should be
    cut,  as it is no longer serving you n a positive level and interfering with you moving forward in
    new love relationships.  
  • Attachments -  An attachment is something that attaches itself to you whether to control or
    drain your energies. These can be placed on you be another person; intentionally or non-
    intentionally   Even negative environments can create negative attachments, due to the
    negative energies themselves, as these energies need something to hold on to or attach
    themselves to in order to thrive.

Now with the understanding of that you can see why it is very important that you find someone who
understands this.  

The Process - In either case, is that it is the removal of negative energies that either you are holding
onto (Chords)  or someone or something else has created (attachments). The technique of the
removal of these varies, depend on the person whom you choose to remove them.    But basically it is
a process of first recognizing the differences and then choosing which energies must be removed.  
Some of the techniques used could include prayer, mantras, thought processes, mental vision, and or
some use scissors or imaginary scissors, a wand, a rattle, or whatever this person has been trained
with.  But for the most part, it is the intentions of the removal and the closing process that matters the
most.  Realizing that, because all people and the energies that we carry are different for all of us,
techniques to eliminate them can be different as well.

Here are what I fee, are the most important things for you to question or find out...

  • Do they now the differences between a chord and an attachment?
  • Are they an Energy Specialist, Shaman or Angel Specialist?  (As working with Angels can also
    assist with this; as the angels will actually assist with the removal of these energies as well,
    when called upon.
  • How long have they been practising the removal of chords and attachments
  • Can they actually see, sense or feel the differences and know which ones to keep?
  • Do they know how to close the session with a prayer or verse that dispels the energies, sends
    it into the light to either dissipate all together so it can not go out and do harm to others or
    send it into the light so it itself can heal and be turned back into positive energy.  This is a very
    important factor.  As if it is not done once a chord is cut or an attachment is removed, that
    energy then still is roaming free, ready to attack again, either back to you or to others as well!  
    So yes this is a very important step in this process.
  • Have they done this before?
  • Do you yourself feel comfortable with the person you chose to do this?

Once these questions are asked and you feel comfortable, then go for it!

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