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         ...by Sharon L. Jones

Whether you’re seeking a reading, or assistance from a Counselor/Therapist, Friend/Relative or even a
Doctor for that matter.  Remember, their opinions or readings are not set in stone! And each, will have his
or her own interpretation.  Only you have the option to take it as fact or not and/or to seek assistance

If you remember this, with all things in life, it is how you, yourself interpret things, whether it be a
reading, an interpretation or advise given to you from someone; or even following your own intuition or
advise and what you think.  It is how you take that information, feeling or thought and how you, yourself
interpret and process it.    

Know that it is with your actions and choices of how you choose to use the information you’ve been given
or are feeling that will determine your outcome or your destiny!  

So do take responsibility for yourself, when seeking any kind of reading, advise or therapy, etc. And know
again you have choices as to how to respond to your own life’s endeavors!   And do not accuse or blame or
be angry with other people for giving you their interpretation or advise; when you were the one who
requested or asked for their opinion or advise in the first place!  Remember it is just their interpretation
or advise and you can thank them and now make your own decisions whether or not to believe their
interpretation or to take their advice!  Only you can make that choice!  

So again be responsible for the choices you make in your own life! And hopefully with the understanding of
that, you’ll be able to make the correct choices to fulfill your dreams and desires, to lead you to a happy,
full, healthy and contented life!  And if you think you’ve made a bad choice, choose again, you can always
walk away and correct the choices that were not the best for your well-being!

I hope this advise has been helpful and that you will begin taking responsibility for all that you “choose”
(good or bad)  to do in life! (Remember the bad can always be turned into something good, it’s those
choices again!)

I Love You! And I hope all your dreams and desire come true!