Story Behind Becoming Celest L Diamond
"The Order of the Celestial Diamond Light"
New World Energy System
For several years, on and off, I have always thought about changing my birth name, as there are so many Sharon L.
Jones, all that would come up is "Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings!  For Obvious reasons, that was not me.  But I never
could find a true name I liked and well, those who needed to find me.  Found me.  That's how it works, in the profession
I am in.  So I never  truly worried about it.

Due to all the changes in 2014, early 2015,
(which you can read about in my "Bios").  I re-visited changing my name, as
I myself,  was changing.  I knew I was going to be moving to the West coast, big energy change!  I just became a
published author, I had lost my day job, yep it was just a year for me to re-invent myself and go with the flow of where
the energies were taking me.  So I started thinking of names again; and now that I am a published author, I thought it
would be good to have a "Pen" name.  So, on and off,  every now and then, I would think of various names and nothing
seemed to stick.  Of course, I did my numerology on the name(s) too!  But, one night, as I was sitting in a meeting with
the high council, (which I am always a part of), they started talking about names.   I never experienced the council,
talking about me before.  Hmmm this was different. You know that feeling?  Like when you go to church or go see a
specific speaker, you swear they wrote the whole sermon or speech just for you!  Well that is how I felt that night!   
When I woke up, the name Celest L. Diamond was the first words I spoke.  This is also when the channeling started
happening through me again.  "They: (the Council) honored me with the name Celest L. Diamond and told me to start
using that name, they also told me,  to look up the word, "Celestial" as I have been placed in this order of divine light,
which supersedes, all other light.  They even gave me the spelling and I was to spell Celest, without the "e" at the
end...    I am so honored. WOW!  So according to Webster it means:

"of relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity: heavenly, or of relating to the sky.  
Also:(Elysian, empyrean, heavenly, supernal, ethereal, supernatural, transcendental,
unearthly, unworldly, angelic, beatific, blissful, Utopian, cosmic, stellar Ant: Hellish, infernal)".

Again, I feel so blessed!  Needless to say, I tried here and there to use the name, but it was still odd to me.  But
recently, I feel that due to my moving back to Santa Monica, CA, (which we all know I was being placed here to hold the
light for things coming into play; and because I am getting ready to launch a new book;   I re-visited this name again,
and sure enough, "They" yelled at me, in my head,  and said "now is the time, USE IT!  It is needed!"  They also told me
I was to use it as a title, as well as I could use it as a name.  I was also told that I will be teaching and sharing this light
and the information it offers, with the world, this "New Order" of light, this energy, or should I say Old Energy, which the
"Ancient Ones" are presenting me with. I myself am still getting used to these new vibrational patterns from June 5th's
events.   It is the order of the Celestial Diamond Light, that consists of both ancient teachings, (The Ancient Wisdom
energies and the "New" (future) energies which offer a new perspective on things.  I have now been initiated into this
order I and I will sit within this council as well.  Geesh I am suddenly very, very busy!

So this my friends, is why I also will be using the name Celest L. Diamond along with my birth name, Sharon L. Jones,
and I will use either one of them, depending on the circumstances and which energies need to be used.  (Let's put it
this way, I have been given instructions as to how to use both names)... Looks like I'll be very busy juggling as usual!
Ha Ha...

For the most part, I will be using Celest L. Diamond when it comes to my "New" teachings and writings about the
metaphysical and spiritual worlds.   I will be using Sharon L. Jones, when it comes to coaching, healing and everyday
business ventures.   


And for those of you who ask, why you Sharon, (As always, we know there will be a few of you out there still asking
why?)  Why were you given this privilege, this assignment, who are you? You might ask... , I say to you... Why not me?  
But in reality,  I really do not know why this has been assigned to me, other than,  I am who I am....  Those of you who
know me, know this to be true!  Plus I feel that the Universe trusts me and knows that I accept, what they show me, I
trust what I hear, see, feel and then I listen!   

They also know I have interepretor/translation skills to be able to work within all realms, as this is not the only place I
teach you know.  Nor is it the only place I learn my lessons either.   I have unwavering faith in the highest energy source
and I can be trusted with trying to keep  his/her/its world and the Universe, along with Mother Earth's energies safe.  As
I do not question it, I just know it to be so.  That my friends is probably why.  And it is also probably why I was born in
this lifetime, with all my gifts standing at attention ready to serve and offer unconditional love to all...  So I hope I
answered that question, just in case you were wondering...  But all-in-all.  I feel so humbled, so grateful, so honored...  
So thank you to all.....  I will try to share this new information with every one I meet... Blessings

Keeping you informed, enlightened and filled with love always....

Celest L. Diamond a.k.a. Sharon L. Jones
Celest L. Diamond
So what is this new energy system,
"Celestial Diamond Light"  
So far, this is what I have been told.
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