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Sharon L. Jones, Alternative Health Practitioner and
Energy Specialist, Councilor & Coach
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Within the Alternative health arena, Sharon L Jones,  is a trained practitioner, a certified spiritual counselor/life Coach,  
certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a crystal therapist, a  minister and a Shaman.  She is also an educator, public speaker and
author. She was born with many gifts and has been assisting others since the age of 2, long before Reiki or certification was
necessary.  Sharon finally accepted her many gifts, and came out of the "Closet" per se' with her many talents when she was
in her late 20's.  Since then she has worked diligently, educating and assisting, along with spreading the word about all there
is... (Love)! As she feels this is the only true energy and completely, whole heartedly, believes it is the healer of all... She
works and takes direction from the highest source of energy, which she refers to as God and allows herself to be a vessel,
so that Universal energies can flow through her to assist others of all kind, (people, animals and wildlife)...

Being an energy expert and by using all of her senses, Sharon developed (C.E.T.) – Combined Energy Therapy,
incorporating various healing modalities and techniques to offer assistance to all, making this modality a “One-Stop-Shop”
for health.   She has also written and created various training courses and books for self-help and whole health, such as
Grounding and Protection for Everyday Living,  Celestial Diamond Light Therapies, Certified Training Courses to become a
Reiki Master and Practitioner, Crystal Therapist and/or Teacher.    Sharon has also created mini-classes and courses on
various health, spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal topics; as she has been assisting and working both with humans and
animals within this field for way over 30 years.  

This year (2016), Sharon has started a learning academy, acting as the dean for educational purposes And she is the
President of the Universal Energy Society of America, Which will both open its doors mid-2016...

Sharon has been running the Enlightening Center since 2007, offering both services and training.  Her healing modalities
and most of her courses she offers can be done both in person and/or from a distance.  Therefore she not only can assist
her local community, but those around the globe a well.  Sharon has spoken on many subjects and has been tracking the
earth's energy system for over 8 years now and also offers energy reports as to how the Earth and the Universe is
energetically progressing. She feels that it is very important that everyone understands energy and how it works in your
everyday life, a truly that is all there is... Everything is energy!    

When Sharon is not assisting others with Alternative health, spiritual or metaphysical endeavors', she offers her many other
talents to both individuals and small businesses, by assisting and creating business plans to streamline productivity, assists
with the financial side of business and of course offers her bookkeeping, web-creation and technical writing skills where

Sharon is a single mother of two, loves to laugh, karaoke and tries to spread smiles wherever she goes.

Sharon's journey in this lifetime, is to express love, and to teach and share with others, both her life's experiences, as she
has had many, and also what she too has been taught along the way;  so that another person can also know they truly can
find joy, love and happiness, no matter what circumstance is presented to them.  She understands that life is a lesson and a
journey offering nth ups and downs.  She believes we are all teachers and students and if we continue to share with one
another, honor one another, and offer support where we can; we'll all be just fine...

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