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Metaphysical Services
This page is offered by the Enlightening Center to offer you an Alternative approach to your health care and to introduce you to  
"Combined Energy Therapy" (C.E.T.) developed by Sharon Jones along with other Alternative/Complimentary Health and
"Universal Energy" Healing Modalities

Alternative and/or Complimentary therapies are not to replace modern/traditional medicine; but it is and does work along side with
it.  It offers a different healing approach to illness, dis-ease, dis-comfort, depression, stress, grief, anxiety, fears, addictions, etc.  
Most Alternative therapies are based on ancient teachings and are designed to assist a person to become whole in all areas of
their lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As when all are working together there is no room for dis-comfort or dis-

Alternative/Complimentary therapies may also offer insight and wisdom to ones-self by releasing blockages that you have carried
with you both through this lifetime and past existence. Allowing you to blossom and reawaken into the perfect soul/individual you
were meant to be...

In our society today, finally!  This form of therapy is being reintroduced and is slowly becoming accepted here in the United States.  
As other countries have  always used or have used and acknowledged the benefits of using energy work and/or
alternative/complimentary healing modalities.  Here in America, it has been a fight, but I am happy to report, more and more
hospitals and doctors offices around the country are incorporating these modalities within their traditional medical practices; such
as the Mayo clinic, Grant Hospital and many more are opening the doors to this type of healing practise everyday; and
experiencing great results.  They are now realising they can offer their patients even more benefits by exploring "whole Health" =  
body, mind & Spirit...

Request a session or service today,  so that you too, can understand and learn how  these techniques can offer you
peace and joy within your everyday living...    Wouldn't it be nice to be stress-free, pain-free? Of course it would!  So
let me assist you today, so that you can regain confidence that you are healthy, balanced, and prosperous in all areas
of your life...  Blessings my friends...
Within the Alternative health arena, Sharon L Jones,  is a trained practitioner, a certified spiritual counselor,  certified Reiki
Master/Teacher, a crystal therapist, a  minister & a shaman.  She is also an educator, public speaker and author.  Sharon
has also developed her own healing modalities, and courses for self-help and whole health, such as C.E.T. (Combined
Energy Therapy),  Celestial Diamond Light therapies, Enjoy Abundance now, etc. along with creating courses for the
metaphysical and spiritual arenas; which she not only offers to her clients, but teaches these modalities and courses to
other practitioners within the Alternative/ Complimentary/Homeopathic health communities as well.  She has been assisting
and working both with humans and animals within this field for over 20 years -  
(really since the age of two).

NEW!  Beginning in 2016, Sharon will be offering her crystal sprays, elixirs and crystal infused jewelery; which in the past
she personally would create for her clients; to assist with their sessions and/or needs.   These are created for both
relaxation, cleansing, and medicinal purposes, to keep you aligned, balanced and healthy.  So watch for those - Coming
A Little Information on Sharon L Jones
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