Hello!  My name is Sharon L. Jones and here is a "little or a lot" about me...

In 2014, I had some life changing experiences,  I published 2 books, one written by me and one that I translated from
God or the highest source and the Universe.  I also started channeling again, which I hadn't done since I was a like
sharing my body with others.  Through the years, we somewhat came to an agreement, that the universe and/or other
hear "exacts", not just me interpreting what they were telling me and translating it into layman's terms so the regular
hear "exacts", not just me interpreting what they were telling me and translating it into layman's terms so the regular the
lingo!) And this is how I got my name from my peers as the "Universal Interpreter" or just the interpreter.  I do the same
here in what some call the "Real World", as I have been a technical writer, but I was also the person on the team that
programmers were saying or meant, so we could write the manuals.  I also grew up with deaf grandparents and my
brother and I both would interpret for them, when we were with them.  Bottom line, it just makes sense, why I got the nick
name "the interpreter" whether it be for the Universe or the "Real World", that's who I am and what I do.   So I have
always had a knack for that type of translating.  I guess?

With all that taking place in 2014,  I re-visited changing my name, as I myself was changing; and now that I am a
published author, I thought it would be good to have a "Pen" name.  So, on and off,  every now and then, I would think
of various names and nothing seemed to stick.  Of course, I did my numerology on the name(s) too!  But, one night, as
I was sitting in a meeting with the high council, (which I am always a part of), they started talking about names.   I never
experienced the council, talking about me before.  Hmmm this was different.  When I woke up, this is when the
channeling started happening and they honored me with the name Celest L. Diamond and told me to start using that
name, they also told me,  to look up the word, "Celestial" as I have been placed in this order of divine light, which
supersedes, all other light.  They even gave me the spelling and I was to spell Celest, without the "e" at the end...  
Therefore they said I was to use the name Celest L. Diamond.    I am so honored. WOW!
 (To read more about Celest
L. Diamond & the Order of the Celestial Diamond Light - CLICK HERE)

For the most part, I will be using Celest L. Diamond when it comes to my teaching and writing about the metaphysical
and spiritual worlds.   I will be using Sharon L. Jones, when it comes to coaching, healing and everyday business

Now, who am I?  Sharon Lynn Jones and how did I get to where I am today?  Please read the rest of my story and if you
have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

To make it short, which for some reason I am never able to do, but I'll try...  I was born with the gifts of a healer a
medium, an intuitive, and the curse of being an empath!  I have experienced first hand and have been a part of and
witnessed many, many miracles in my life and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had with being able to share
my stories and assist others with their needs.  I am also so grateful for having the opportunity to meet many brilliant,
kind people and scholars, who have assisted me throughout my life, with the process of growing into myself, as a
person, a spiritual being.  So therefore, I am so grateful and appreciative that now I can venture out, come out of the
closet (when it comes to my gifts) and assist with healing and teaching others as well.  Thank you.

Now here's the long story --

As I grew and started coming out of the closet per se', my  peers began to recognize my gifts and I was then considered
the interpreter of the universe, and they acknowledge that I in fact, was receiving many messages from various
universal realms and that I work directly with God.  I have to give my mother credit, as she new long before I did that I
had these special gifts.  I need to thank her for assisting me and introducing me to many, many teachers and exposed
me to many different things.   I didn't know it at the time, as I thought that was always her thing, but in hindsight, I now
know, she was training me as well. Because of my mothers exploration and  searching, I too, have had the privilege of
meeting and sharing meals with the likes of
Sri Swami Satchidananda, (he was the guru that opened Woodstock).  
Pat Collins, the "Hip Hypnotist", Science of Mind's, Dr. Frank Richelieu and many other top players within both the
metaphysical and the spiritual arenas.     My mother was one of the first practitioners for
biorhythm/ Biofeedback;
and she loved astrology too, and she introduced me to Numerology, Past life regression and such.   But,  my mother,  
well she was always studying something and she would drag me along and I would go; plus secretly I kinda liked the
idea of seeing a psychic or two myself!  At the time I did not think I had those, gifts, but every time, I'd get read, I walked
away feeling disappointed,because I had already known what they were going to tell me... Go figure?  
Bill Mitchel, a
well known psychic in Columbus, Ohio,
who also has since past, but, when I first sought a psychic in the Columbus area
after my move from California to Ohio, upon our first meeting he said to me ... "Wow, Why are you coming to me?  You
could be reading me"... I,  needless to say, turned red and said shh.  Even I need confirmation to, you know.   The
funny thing is, is that  I had not told anyone who I was, because I was still in hiding.  No one knew, but I must say,  it was
nice to have had someone acknowledge or see me, even though at the time, I still did not know if I wanted others to
know my secret.  

Now that I am older, I realized how much my upbringing and experiences all sank in.  It was when I was about 13 or
14,though,  that I really got hooked.  My friend Maureen, introduced me to the Tarot, deck, my mother was not into that
stuff, she liked the modern stuff, where I am definitely old, old school, if you know what I mean!  She pretty much stuck
to religion and science.  But there they were, these beautiful cards, telling me a story. I was dyslexic, so pictures and
art, always caught my attention, rather than the written word; or symbols/math, so I could really relate.   I loved them
and since, I  have perfected my skills, as being an exceptional tarot reader, if I must say so myself.   I fine tuned this skill
and I do not read like other readers, textbook wise, Because I am an energy specialist and deal with energies, I read
the energies around you and the energies, that the Universe is presenting to you, so you can work with those energies,
instead of against them.  I go through the process of explaining this to my clients, when they come to see me.  I just use
the pictures, because human's are visual, and therefore, they too enjoy seeing the cards tell their story as well.  But
even with that exploration.  I still kept to myself and would not let my friends and family know that I had these gifts, of
seeing, sensing, hearing, smelling and feeling all of it! Plus the word "empath" was not even spoken or known about
yet, so how could I explain all this.   My friends, I mean really, would you let anyone know you had 150 or more people
and things living in your head?  I think not, especially in the time-frame I grew up in.  They would have definitely locked
me away, or labeled me a schizophrenic, or bi-polar... Something!  I just knew it wouldn't end up being pretty, so, I kept
it all hidden away, it was a very lonely life.  

When it came to healing others when I was younger, I would either hug them, or I would just close my eyes, when they
were near or talking to them over the phone and as they told me why they were not feeling well, I would just wish it
away, talk in my head to the area that was disturbing them and tell it to leave my friends alone and send beams of love
to what ever their ailment was, as I always knew love heals all.  I was never taught that, I just knew that and it worked
every time.  Amazing, that by the time they left or they hung up, they would always say wow,  talking to you made me
feel so much better...  I never let them know I was trying to assist, but I just couldn't stand the thought of people being ill
or stressed out on a physical or emotional sense.  

It has taken me half a lifetime, to finally be confident enough to publicly announce or share my gifts and be who I was
meant to be.  It also helps that now, we are finally in the time-frame, where I will not be locked away and due to scientific
proof, that 1.  Yes we are all energy.  2.  Stress related issues, truly do effect our physical bodies.
(Back in 1935 Hans
Selye discovered how stress truly does effect our physical beings, Read here) 3. That the electrical/vibrational
sense of love is the strongest vibration there is; and 4. That your brain, your thought processes can change both your
physical and mental states.  So again I am so glad I could hang in there this long, to finally become me....

I am so excited to be living at this very moment in time, when a whole new world will be opening up for us shortly. I can't
wait!  So, with me being in hiding half my life, I just continued to promote love and peace, and silently sent healing as
well, this is why I am also very proficient when it comes to distant healing, I can send my energies anywhere.  I can also
be in two places at once.  Back then, I had no choice!  Regardless of whether I liked having these gifts or not, it was
who I was, I didn't understand it, I couldn't truly talk to anyone about it, so yes, it was hard, lonely and at times scary.  
So for the most part, I basically promoted love and not because I was a child of the 60's and 70's, but because I
absolutely knew since I was about 3, that love at least for me was the only thing that existed and that love and by my
loving people no matter what, wishing them well, holding their hand, offering them a smile, or laughter, that love and
only love was the true healer.  Even when I was faced with mean people, and they hurt me, or worse yet, I would see
them hurt themselves, or had to go through trauma, earthly disasters and horrific experiences at times, people, who
know my story, still to this day, ask me how I am still standing.  I just smile and tell them because I can.  I also tell them
how grateful I am for having to go through certain things in my life, like being raped at 13, being in abusive
relationships, and we are not talking about verbal, but physical as well.  Loosing babies, and becoming almost
homeless, having disabilities and/or illnesses that were said to be incurable and now with this last bought with everyone
loosing their homes, I too lost mine, and my job, etc. all within a short period of each other.  God, for some reason has
always let me go through these things, usually before it hits the major population, so that I can understand them, figure
a way to still stand and be happy and then assist others during their time of need.  But regardless of the circumstances,
It is a fact!  I am still standing, still promoting love, kindness, joy, forgiveness and I am here to teach you that too.  I
have faith that you can over-come obstacles like I have had to.    Yes I have my moments, but I have learned the actual
grieving process for loss in a person's life. And I teach it.  There really is a right and wrong way, to do that and really
release it, so years later those energies are still not lingering.  So yes I am grateful.  I get messages everyday from God
and the Universe, from Mother Earth, guides spirits and ghosts...  especially if I am doing something wrong, not listening
or not teaching something right, I will be stopped, I will be taught or re-taught and I will then pass it on to those who will
listen.  So again,  I am grateful!  And that is what I tell those who know what I have gone through;  and at times are still
going through.  Like this move back to California, making changes and starting from scratch again!  But I know and
have faith all will work out.  

So needless to say, I have gone through both the good and the bad, just like everyone else but my saving grace is that
I do have special gifts and I have the Universe on my side and many, many supportive people, who have assisted me
thus far.   So know when you come to me, I am not just offering you a service, or telling you what a text book told me to
tell you,  I am offering you my life, my experiences, my knowledge, of how to make it through.  It is my job, my life's
purpose, to make sure you are okay! To give you guidance, whether through a reading, talking to someone who has
passed, so you too can move forward, or whether you come for a healing, I am here to assist, that is all I know how to
do.    Oh, sorry that's not true, I also know how to assist you with sharing and teaching you what the universe has to
offer, whether it be working with Crystals, learning about energies, Reiki, etc.  Because I do it all, well most of it, and it is
ancient teachings and I am directed by a higher source as to what and how I teach certain classes.  And well, if I don't
know it, I at least can direct you as to how you can learn it.  As I believe we are all teachers and students at all times,
and I too am learning on a daily level, look I get to re-learn all about the celestial diamond light that is coming in... So
excited about that...

Now enough about the yuck-yuck things of my life's story.  I also have had remarkable things happen in my life, I have
experienced love on a level that most could only imagine.  I've been rich and I've been poor and everything
in-between.  I was a beauty Queen, a member of the Grammy association and much more. I have been able to travel.  
After years of worry, due to mis-carriages and such, in my 30's I gave birth to two of the most magnificent beings
anyone could ask to have.  They both are my miracle babies, and I am so grateful God gave them to me as gifts,
thinking that I was capable enough to watch over them,  wow that was scary, cause in my mind, I'm crazy, (my friends
call me special, ha ha)  but seriously,  That is how I feel about parenthood, children are gifts, put into our care only for
a short while.  So again look how blessed I truly am! And that the Universe, thought I could raise them!  And I did; and
they are great beings and I love them.  So,  like I stated above, I have met magnificent people, and not just celebrities,
but the silent people who walk amongst us everyday, there are so many who silently help, encourage and share love
everyday.  My clients, my friends, my students, strangers who I have walked the streets with, who smiles and says
hello.  These beings are doing their part as well and I am so grateful to intertwine with them everyday.  They are my
hope for humans...  But I will or may never know their names.  So I honor them all and I honor you.

So now where am I today?  Well, we discussed the Celest L. Diamond thing and if you are reading this,  you know I am
an alternative health practitioner,  I chose this because since I was small, I have assisted with many healings, it came
naturally to me.  I did not realize it at the time, but I always had Jesus' healing hands guiding me. That too was told to
me in 2014, I always knew he was assisting, but I received confirmation... Finally!   As I got older and understood that I
in fact was a born healer, way before Reiki came out,  I can now openly help so many more and again,  I am so

I developed a healing modality called "Combined Energy Therapy (C.E.T.) which I am promoting these days, as it really
is a One-Stop-Shop, modality, incorporating all or most healing modalities, depending on your needs. And this in reality
is how I have healed all along, always incorporating many, many energies, I just never had a name for it.   I also still do
Usui Reiki, Crystal therapy, and other healing modalities.  I offer readings, do home and business negative energy and
ghost clearings along with life coaching and counseling;  and I love to work with animals as well.  Also, you may not
know this, but,  because of my mothers exploration and all my family members being so many different religions.   I had
the chance to learn and explore all of the various religions, as well.   I too am an ordained minister, hmmm, maybe this
year I will open up a church... You never know?  But for now I think I will write a few more books, create new training and
educational classes and get myself re acclimated into these new energies coming up and re-familiarize myself with the
west coast, which I have been away from for 16 years.  So all new exciting things are on the horizon, not just for me but
for all of us.  And let's not forget, I will be presenting to the world this wonderful energy system coming in the Celestial
Diamond Light....  

So all in all, that's my general story, I never know, nor does anyone else know what to call me as far as titles go.  I do
have to say, I really do not like the title of a psychic, so please do not call me that, it limits me.  I am so much more!  Yes
I am very intuitive and I use my skills to hone in on certain events, etc.  but really, I am and go by the title of a shaman,
medium and an energy specialist, as I understand energies, I see energies, I feel energies and I sense energies, I
teach about energies, I write about energies, I talk to energies, I use them for healing, for stories, all of it!  I just like
energies, I know how to re-wire them, defuse them and cut the chords if need be.  Hmmm, maybe I'll call myself an
energy queen?  What do you think, you know, taking back my Goddess power!  All that I can say, is that I was born this
way and I work within the center of the universe.  I sit and go to sleep in God's hand, which I have been doing since I've
been little, he closes his hand and his fingers cover me like a warm blanket at night.  I trust him, I trust the Universe and
I live here on Mother Earth, just trying to bring peace and love back into her arms, as that is all she wants too!   In my
heart,  I know and trust that I work for God (or the highest energy source) directly.  I love him, yes, the life force is
neither a he or a she, but I like to think of him as a very wise old man, whom I love and adore, in reality, he can morph
into anything that you or I need him/her/it to be,  to assist us with our day.  And again I am so honored and humbled
that the highest of energy source watches over me, guides me  and with this,  I can share all the teachings, assist with
healing when needed and just share all of the wisdom of the universe with you.  

So blessings my friends.  If you have a need for my assistance and/or you would like to attend or take one of my
classes as I also offer them online.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and remember, when you see the
name Celest L. Diamond, you will know it is me, just walking in a different light.  Again, the most beautiful light you could
imagine, with such strength and beauty to assist us on our next venture towards walking our path back home!  Can't  

Oh, one more thing...   The Enlightening Center, well that name was given to me as well, it was designed for all people,
to offer enlightenment.  Hopefully one day, it will become a physical center, where we can gather as one and explore
the possibilities of everything.  I'm working on manifesting that.  Hopefully very soon it will happen.  But this site is a
place,  so that you can come explore, learn and get answers or help if need be.  A place where you can come home,
relax, and not have to hide your gifts, as I had to do for so many years.  This is why this site exists.  So come back
often, read articles, share them with friends, forward them on to others if you'd like, but just relax and enjoy your new
found home.  I welcome you with open arms.   We can explore all possibilities together!

Blessings my friends...

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