My name is Sharon L. Jones and as of 2015 I am also known as Celest L. Diamond - (pen-name).  I am the proud owner, creator
and developer of this site. ( and soon hope to open up a physical location for all to come visit and enjoy.

When I initially created this site back in 2007, it was with the intention and it still is,  to educate people about the metaphysical,
spiritual world we live in.  To develop a community where you can come and feel comfortable about exploring all possibilities,
without judgement or fear.  Where you can be accepted and appreciated for your gifts and your talents.  A place where you can
explore and learn about energies and the energies that run through and around you and how to tap into them and use them on
your daily journey.  A place where you too can assist and share with others as well...

Since the Enlightening Center's conception, we have gone through many changes.  I have added various sub-divisions
(companies) under the umbrella of this site such as an
Alternative Health Center, as I am also a "Certified" Alternative health
practitioner and the developer of the healing modality called (C.E.T.) "Combined Energy Therapy.  We now have a
Blog and a
group page you can join on Facebook -  (The Enlightening Center Group).  And we are now the "Official" site of the
"New World
Order" of the "Celestial Diamond Light"  energy system that came in, in 2015.  So, check often for updates on that subject...  

On a personal level and for my company, In March of 2015 I re-located back to Southern California, were I grew up, after being in
Ohio for the past 16 years.  I am busy getting re-acclimated to the area and hope within the next few years to open up a brick and
mortar location for all to comes visit.  But no worries,  I will continue to keep a home-base in both states, as my family and friends
are still in Ohio, so I will visit Ohio often.  As always, you can contact me at any time and both my services and training will be
available to all, no matter where you live, or for that matter where I live...    So no worries on that end.  All in all, we are growing and
expanding everyday and I thank all of you for your support, love and well wishes...  Let's continue to grow together.    Blessings to

Is to assist as many people as I humanly can, with the exploration and proper training within these fields, so that love and
acceptance of all there is,  will be abundant, the norm and that love itself will be the everyday thing, rather than an oddity.  I would
like to also get the "Traditional" medical arena on board as well, so they will begin to utilize our energy system for healing
purposes, so they can incorporate it within their everyday practices as well.  My mission is to hopefully make the world aware that
the invisible world is truly there and ready to assist on all levels for all things, incorporating and encompassing all things.  I feel
that love is the only true healer and that laughter and joy should be shared and spread daily.  This is my mission!  By you visiting
here today, I hope it will become your mission as well...

As we know,  we are not just physical beings, we are also filled with spiritual qualities, emotional qualities and intellectual
qualities, our beings, even proven in the scientific world, is just energy, that's it!  That's truly all we are... Each one of those
qualities, holds its own vibration, which in turn makes us a "whole being" not just a 'human" being.  And this site wants to address
all of this.  To assist with creating perfect health, abundance, love and joy in all areas of your life.  Let's join hands and do it
together!  This my friends is the mission, both for myself and for the Enlightening Center and is subsidiaries.

This year (2016) I will be opening up a Semi-independent learning academy, where you can take classes, either from the comfort
of your own home, via, correspondence courses, Internet courses and/or in person classes.  I am hoping to be traveling a lot
more and offering insight all over the world, so that everyone can get on board and create a loving caring world once again.  I have
many things in the works and I will announce any new concepts or ideas as both myself and the Enlightening Center progresses
into our future.  So come back often, explore, learn or text me to set-up a personal appointment.  I'd love to meet you!

You can also read more about me on a personal level by "Clicking Here"

Want to contact me - "Click Here"

Blessings... Enjoy the site.
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