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ALTERNATIVE & WELLNESS SERVICES: (Alternative and/or Complimentary Medicine Health Therapies)
(To view the Main Detailed Description of each "Service") Click Here
Note:  All sessions include "Grounding and Protection" training, so that when you walk away you will know how to maintain your energies and stay balanced.
  • (C.E.T.) Combined Energy Therapy - Initial session $90.00 - then $75.00 for any additional sessions
  • Reiki - Initial Session -$90.00 then $75.00 for any additional sessions
  • Crystal Therapy - $90.00 - then $75.00 for any additional sessions
  • Chakra and Aura Cleansing & Maintenance - $75.00
  • Distant Energy Healing - $80.00 - Can be done using any therapies above
  • Aroma & Color Therapy - $75.00
  • Animal Wellness - (Prices vary - Call for Details - Note: Some animal therapies, can be done distantly or you as there
    owner/friend can be guided by me on how to assist them, again call for details )

(These are health and wellness services -  Not listed within the Alternative/Complimentary Health" arena as they are on more of a
spiritual and metaphysical level of healing from within)
  • Shaman Technique Sessions -  $80.00 - Assistance with Healing for both your physical and mental well-being
  • Refresh The Energies of Your Home or Business -  Prices vary due to location and size - Call for pricing - 614-440-4076  This is  a
    Feng Shui/Shaman procedure to ensure the positive flow of energies.  Note: This is not a clearing to remove ghosts or entities that may
    live in or around your home or business - If interested in Ghost Removal see "Other Service" below
  • Intuitive Health Scan = $45.00- An energy guided review of your physical health; to see if there are any health issues you or your doctor
    may need to be aware of!
  • Animal Whispering - = Prices vary depending on breed and location - call for pricing - 614-440-4076 A telepathic communication
    process to assist your animals with various health and emotional issues
(Payment plans are available) - All Sessions are $85.00 for Initial visit  - $65.00 thereafter -
(Except for Life Coaching which remains at $85 per session - As we touch on "All" areas of your life)
  • Life - (Overall)
  • Grief and Loss (Loved one, Job, Home)
  • Addiction - (Drugs & Behavior)
  • Young Adult - (Purpose, Bullying, Self-Esteem, depression)
  • Mid-Life Crisis - (Get clarity - Discover ways to re-purpose your talents and your passion)
  • Lonliness/Depression (Discover the cause and how you can begin heal from this aweful/painful emotion)
  • Self- Sabotage (Discover why you keep doing this, break old patterns and learn how to get out of your own way)
  • Discover Your True Potential - (Discover what you truly can do, what your skills are that you may have overlooked, evaluate
    where you want to go or what you want to do next)
  • How to Live Your Dream & Find Purpose - (Explore your passion and design a road-map of how to get there)
  • Business - (Start-ups & Reorganization) Get guidance on how to start a business, the things you need to have in place, or re-
    evaluate and reorganize  the business you already
(To view Main Detailed Description of  "All Service" Click Here
All Readings are $80.00 and are approx. 30 to 90min  (Except Numerology & Mini-Readings) for Details about readings Click Here
  • Tarot
  • Intuitive/Psychic
  • Oracle Card Reading- Getting Assistance from Angels,  Fairies, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, etc.
  • Past Life Reading - Discover your past life(s) - See what you brought with you and what you need to let go of that may be holding you
    back in "this" lifetime
  • Mini-Readings $45.00 for 15 min - (For Quick Questions - Where guidance is not necessarily needed)
  • Numerology Redings/Reports - Initial Report - $45.00 - (Other reports are available and prices vary - For Description - Click Here
  • Medium Session - $100.00 -  Touch base and hopefully find peace and closure with loved ones who are no longer with us in a physical
    form-  To find out about what a "Medium Session" is and what you should expect during your session - Click Here
  • Cutting Chords and/or Removal of Attachments  -$100.00 We first determine both your positive and negative blocks, then we remove
    and filter out only the negative ones and cut just those chords that bind you!  Or, we remove the Attachments that are connected to you
    and send them back to who sent them or into the light, so they too can heal..  Keeping only the positive energies in place.  This can be
    energies from both this lifetime and any past-life energies that are holding you back from living a prosperous, abundant life Now!  After the
    removal of negative energies, you will also receive an "Aura and Chakra Balancing session" (a  to re-energize your personal system with
    only the positive energies you c For Details and What you should know about Cutting Chords and Attachment Removal - Click Here  
  • Ghost/Spirit Removal from Home or Business - Prices vary due to location and size - Call for Pricing -    If you think or feel the
    presence of something or someone else in your home, or if things seem to disappear or move on there own, without a physical presence -
    You may just have encountered a paranormal experience.  If it bothers or scares you, you can resolve the issue by having this process
    done!  View Details - Click Here
Note:  Most classes are taught in a group setting and are offered at various times throughout the year.  If you would like personal
one-on-one training - Please call 614-440-4076 to make
Below are the Titles of the classes offered:  To See Main Description, Prices and to Register - CLICK HERE
or View the
Calendar of Events

  • Certified Reiki Training- (Usui Reiki) I, II & II
  • Certified Crystal Therapy Training
  • Certified Chakra and Aura  Maintenance Training
  • Certified Combined Energy Therapy

  • Mediumship 101 - Learn how to lift the veil and communicate with those who've crossed
  • Crystals The Basics - An Exploration Class - Learn how crystals, gems and stones can enhance your life
  • Pendulum Fun! - How to choose & use a pendulum
  • Color Me Tarot - An exploration into the Tarot Cards
  • Manifest Your Dreams - Manifestation Course, Includes making your own dream board
  • Unpacking Your Suitcase - Unblock and release all that is holding you back, so you can move forward and create
    abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life.
  • Business 101 -  For th Alternative Health and/or Metaphysical /Spiritual Arenas - Understand what it really takes and
    what you need to start an Alternative Health and/or Metaphysical /Spiritual business - Learn what it really entails, the costs you
    may incur, what you need in place before you begin or open your doors to assist others.  Where to find resources and much
  • Website Creation - Learn how to create a professional looking website of your own in one day to offer your Metaphysical or
    Alternative Practise to the world.
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