It is just starting to enter in with the June 5th's gate that had opened here in 2015.  You can find articles about
this gate at our Blog - Enlightening Center's Blog. (refer to these articles  written June 5th "Free Report 5/18/15"
- 4th paragraph, June 5th - "Update and Blessings to bring in the New Energies this Evening"  and June 7th -  
"The Aftermath & Benefits of the June 5th Energy Jump").

This Celestial Diamond light has been in existence since time began, actually you could consider it, time itself.
But in reality, just so you know, time does not exist, that too is a figment of our imagination...  But So you
understand this new order, we can just say it is time itself!   

To describe it, I will try to tell verbatim as it was told to me.  (some of the translation may be lost as they were
speaking from an ethereal state),  so I will do my best, as I see what they are talking about,  rather that actually
hearing words.  From my understanding, this is the light that people talk about when they pass, or when they
walked into the light and then chose to come back.  It is your purest of light and it is the light source that all other
sources of light and color come from.  

This light can be blinding, this is done on purpose as to hide the source from our eyes. But what is interesting,
you can hear sounds and voices within this light, as sound is on a totally different frequency than color..., yet
they both need each other to be in existence.  

This light, this order,  will be filtered coming down upon earth and carries the energy system of the highest
source, offering us love and protection to assist us with making it through all the turmoil that is coming up here in
the near future.  Those who walk within this light will be invisible to enemies and such as it will blind them, before
they can do you harm.  Yes some will be put in harms way, because that too is part of the order of things to come
and you must remember, if this happens, it is that particular soul's journey.  But this light then,  will also carry you
to a different spacial time or pace (not really sure, but somewhere) so you can then continue your journey from
there,  So either way you are good, whether you are in a physical form or an ethereal one.

This light will not just shine down upon you, you must first give your own energy system permission, you do this
by re-structuring your own energy system per se'.  You must do this first, to even be able to walk or step into this
light, this extreme vortex of energy. (A quick note here, as they explained to me that what happened to a lot of
people at the end of March where everybody went crazy, especially those under the age of thirty, they in fact
were being tweaked and fine tuned into this new order of the Celestial Diamond Light, we just did not know what
to call it at the time, other than pure craziness & confusion!)  Now it has since been revealed to me that that, is
what that period was all about, now these people who got caught up in that surge,  need to be taught as to what
to do with it now, what to do with the instant gifts they received, and this is why I have been chosen to come into
play, as I am a teacher, an educator, so I got the job!

During a session, I have been told that this Celestial Diamond Light will spin around you and enclose you, much
like a cocoon.  Somewhat like when you seal yourself in your box when you do the Grounding & Protection
Process, (G.A.A.P.S.S.), that is in my book "Grounding & Protection for Everyday Living"  but on a much larger
scale and when you are in this cocoon just like the worm turns into a butterfly, you too will be transformed, taking
away all your heaviness, so that you will be able to rise and fly as well...  (Metaphorically speaking of

This energy system, this light well,  I see it somewhat like in the movie "Nemo";  when they get caught up in the
vortex with the sea turtles heading to Australia.  When first entered, they got swooshed and tumbled around,
then they got into the rhythm, the flow of the waters, they were safe, then when it was time, they took the exit so
they could continue on their journey to be where they needed to be. Swoosh! That would be my visual take on
it...  For those of us who got some of that surge, we are the ones who must be re-trained to step into this light, as
the old ways of human's thinking vibrational energy patterns, well not serve you well in this "new" world of ours,
hence the ascension process.

What is my part?  Will to share, learn and teach, silly!   I have been given instructions of how to do this and to
teach others how to do this as well, along with extending the "giving rights" to other practitioners, But only when
they are ready,  or when I am asked or have been instructed to do so by the Order of the Celestial Diamond
light.  But for now, we all, I included, must raise our vibrations to such a level, that we can step into this all
encompassing divine light and not be blinded by it, but accept and understand the things that are within it as
well.  Oh, so much to learn!  And when it is time, more and more practitioners will be introduced to it too.   I am
sure "They" will let me know when to begin that journey.  For now I am just to start introducing people to even the
idea of this magnificent energy system and start getting people prepared for their entry into it.  Again, feeling so
honored and humbled.

I am not the only one, although for the moment there are only a handful on this planet, who has been given
these instructions and they have been placed strategically throughout our world to assist with this next step. A
hint here - They too will be  calling themselves by another similar name.  As we all were given these titles to bring
and carry this light.  I am thinking 8 to 9 people are aware and are being taught as the "Master" Teachers of this.  
Again, humbled, honored and I must say a little scared.  I mean do you know what they are asking of me, us!  It is
a big responsibility. I hope I am ready!  All that I can say is that I will try to do my best with this assignment, to help
and guide you as well.  I do know, I must follow the directions to a tee; in order to get all of you on board as well.

I know that humans will be exposed to major energy shifts within their own systems and you may even change in
appearance or be glowing from the inside out.  For those of us who understand and see energies, you too will
begin to see and sense these changes, as it will be affecting the Aura and the chakra systems as well.  And as
healers or light workers, you will be very busy re-aligning people into this new energy surge as well.  So learn it, it
will be the strongest energies you have felt in a very long time.  When seeing it within another person, for those
of you who have the ability to do so, the only visual I can give you is that people will look like they have been
filled with radiation, you turn off the light and you are glowing, kinda like the vividness of colors when under a
"black light".  I hope that helps?

This light is here as part of the ascension process and or re-birthing process so that you will be able to walk into
this "New" world of ours understanding what is expected of you and how you are to assist others once we have

There is no need for fear.  As this light has been inside you since the day of your souls conception.  It is time just
to re-activate it and not just use a part of this light as we have been doing for thousands of years, with the color
schemes, the violet light, the blue rays, golden rays, etc.  But now be able to tap into all of the energies, all of the
frequencies, that are incorporated in the true essence of all light.  Once this is accomplished, we will then
incorporate the sounds of the Universe, but first we must master th light.

When you become one with this light, this energy system, there will be clarity, you will see brighter and even
more colors than you could imagine, you will then be able to embrace all the colors that run the universe and
know their meanings and purposes and use that knowledge to assist both yourself and those you are assigned
to help.  As with anything there is an order to it!

Well, this is all I know so far, so I will be getting some classes together as they are also teaching me how to get this out
there to you..... Ahh no rest for the weary!  But it looks like when we get another surge here on August 23rd, 2015, I will
be prepared to begin teaching and offering sessions for this.  But I have been told I must wait until after the 23rd.    I do
know that we must start by re-aligning your own energy systems to this new light and energy, as it definitely will not be
what your system is used to. It will actually re-align the patterns of the crystals that lie within each of us.  Yes we are
part crystals, salt, minerals, etc.  No it is not DNA manipulation, which has been on the rise lately, this is way more than
that, this touches your soul, and will remove any mutant or DNA fault lines, pre se' that no longer serve you.  Which yes
in turn, may or may not affect your physical body.  We'll find out!  But I see nothing bad, only good, really good!   Can
you imagine what actual clarity is?  I know I am starting to see just a glimpse of what is about to happen to all of us and
our world, pretty exciting stuff...

So there it is in a quick nutshell, obviously it will all unfold as we grow into it.  But for now, you know as much as I know.
And now I too, will continue my studies as the Universe will continue to train me as to what my next steps will be.  
Hopefully by August 23rd, I will be prepared to offer this knowledge and these sessions of the  In turn I will then teach it
to you.  I will be creating a special membership Blog for the teachings of this energy system, I will also be offering a
practitioners training course.  The Blog hopefully  will be up by August 15th and the training I am hoping to have done
by Mid October, 2015.   I have to wait for all the changes to take place starting the last 2 weeks in August and carrying
through till beginning October.....  Just a note, September 2015 is going to be crazy!  Big time crazy on all levels,
earthly, universally, government-wise, financially-wise, a lot of chaos and confusion, with a little panic thrown in!   You
can read about those changes coming up on the enlightening centers Blog come next week after the 10th.

And for those of you who ask, why you Sharon, (As always, we know there will be a few of you out there still asking
why?)  Why were you given this privilege, this assignment, who are you? You might ask... , I say to you... Why not me?  
But in reality,  I really do not know why this has been assigned to me, other than,  I am who I am....  Those of you who
know me, know this to be true!  Plus the Universe trusts me and knows that I accept, what they show me, I trust what I
hear, see, feel and then I listen!   They also know I have interepretor/translation skills to be able to work within all
realms, as this is not the only place I teach you know.  Nor is it the only place I learn my lessons either.   I have
unwavering faith in the highest energy source and I can be trusted with trying to keep  his/her/its world and the
Universe safe.  As I do not question it, I just know it to be so.  That my friends is probably why.  And it is also probably
why I was born in this lifetime, with all my gifts standing at attention ready to serve and offer unconditional love to all...  
So I hope I answered that question, just in case you were wondering...  But all-in-all.  I feel so humbled, so grateful, so
honored...  So thank you to all.....  I will try to share this new information with every one I meet... Blessings

Keeping you informed, enlightened and filled with love always....

Celest L. Diamond a.k.a. Sharon L. Jones
So far, this is what I have been told
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