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Read - The Story of Becoming a.k.a Celest L. Diamond
The Celestial Diamond Light - Re-entered into "Earth's" atmosphere in June of 2015 - It will remain with us now, for the
rest of our lives, our children's lives and hopefully encompassing the entire atmosphere for an eternity.   Offering us a
The Celestial Diamond Light energy system is assisting us with the ascension process; once again offering us a
chance to start anew and to an energetic and mental/emotional state, where we can once again learn how to work and
live with one another in peace and harmony...  Egos, competition and fear well not be allowed to enter into this new
world order, and some will be left behind, during this ascension process.

This Energy system, this Light will be the beacon for all
"who choose" to release old ways and thought processes that
have held humans back for thousands of years.  This is our chance to go back home, per se', to where only love lives
both within us and within others.  Where respect for one another is abundant and all are honored for their many talents
and contributions that will take place in this new world of ours...  
You can keep up to date regarding this energy system by clicking the "Channeled Updates Link below - Updates are
given to Sharon Jones via channeling Celest L. Diamond...  
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Note:  Healing modalities and/or programs to help with this ascension process are being downloaded and written as we
speak so look for those (coming soon) here as well...  And mark your calendar for March 23rd, 2016, as another
ascension gate/step will be taking place on that day...  (Sharon will be offering a tele-seminar with information on this,
so make sure you are on the
mailing list to receive the information