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The Basic Chakra System - Quick Reference Chart
With Step-by-Step Instructions
Maintain your personal Chakra
energy system.  

Understanding your own energy is
one of the best things you can do for
yourself...  The next best thing is
learning how to work with them for
perfect whole health on all levels,
physically, mentally, emotionally and

Even if you know nothing about
Chakras, this simple chart, explains it
all,; including how to cleanse and
balance your Chakras, to maintain
everyday health.

Offering you step-by-step
instructions, along with some other
valuable information -
The Notes of Each
Chakra, How they work for you both on an
emotional and a physical level; along with
the colors and placement of them within
your body.

It's easy to learn and do - Once
learned it can be done within minutes,
anytime and anywhere... Plus you'll
have this beautiful chart to assist you
all the time!

$7.99 Instant Download - PDF
1 PDF file with 2 pages -
(Print it yourself or keep it on your computer
or phone for instant access to use any day,
e!) -
BUY NOW! (Order # P-CK-CHRT16a)

$12.99 - Double-sided 8.5 x 11
Laminated Chart
- Is mailed to you
directly, great for sharing at home
and teaching your partner or your
children how to do this too!  Enjoy!
(price includes shipping within the U.S.)
ORDER NOW! (Order #L-CK-CHRT16a)
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