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If you are working, exploring, playing, or just looking for help trying to understand the Metaphysical, Spiritual, Alternative
Health, New Age, and/or Paranormal Arenas, then this book is a must for you!

I am so proud of this book!  Its been four years in the making and a lifetime of research!

My "New" Book offers you 561 pages packed full of information which both my students and clients have been asking
me to write about!  Now at your fingertips there are over 354 topics for you to explore, supplying you with Educational
Information, Facts, Guidance, Tips, Stories, Lists of who's who and what's what,  along with Experiences and Resources

Now you too, can develop an understanding and explore "All There Is" without fear of the unknown!  Offering you an
opportunity to understand certain topics, which you may have questions about; which in turn lets you come to your own
conclusions, because you'll gain both facts and knowledge as to what things are.  You will also discover what you can
expect or what should be considered when exploring or experiencing all these various Topics...  

And as an
"Added Bonus", when a "New" topic comes into play and I write about it, you will automatically be sent via
email (free of charge) the addendum to add to the book.  This way you will alway be up to date on all things
metaphysical, spiritual, alternative, New Age, and paranormal.  Kinda like a book club, but with no extra or hidden fees!
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A to Z Quick Reference Guide/Encyclopedia -
For the Metaphysical, Spiritual, New Age, Alternative, & Paranormal Arenas
Researched & Authored by Sharon L Jones - 1st Publication - 3rd Edition
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