Who Am I?:  My Name is Sharon L. Jones and since the age of two, I have been visited and taught about life and the
universe.  I was told that if I just always believed in love, I could heal the world.  I've never given up on that belief!  In
fact, I opened up a new  group to honor my 27 year old son, who chose to cross in May of 2017.  It's called
"Incorporating the World" - Facebook Group!  This is my new adventure and through love, acceptance and song, I
continue my mission and his to make a difference; and hopefully offer peace and love back into the world!  So please
join and help change our world.    But on with my story...

Anyway, these entities, whom I now refer to as God and other Universal  guides and  teachers came to me (and still
come to me) in various ways, whether in spirit, or in yes, a physical nature.  I never thought much about it when I was
younger, as I thought this happened to everyone.  I found out that this was not the case.

When I was very young, My mother was aware of my healing gifts and would have me assist my friends and her friends,
by giving them hugs and love, to make them better when they were, sick and they would get better.  So I just figured
good!  See, it worked I gave them love and they got better! Back then,people would call this "Laying of the Hands",
now, we refer to it as energy healing or the healing modalities of Reiki, crystal therapy, I.E.T. Color Therapy, and on
and on....   

It wasn't until I became a teenager, I realized that being over sensitive to energies (an Empath) and having certain gifts,
(intuitive, psychic, medium, Shaman, healer, etc.)  was not the norm for most people and I got ridiculed and teased.   
Therefore I went into hiding for many, many years; yet silently, I would still assist others and keep my friends out of
harms way.  

During what I call my "growing pain" years, I eventually became an introvert and resorted to writing poetry and songs to
express my thoughts and emotions instead!  But always feeling like an out-cast or an oddity, I just really never seemed
to fit in, and realizing these gifts at such a young age, a times, I thought I was just flat out right crazy!  But I'm not...

There were only two people who I could discuss "certain things, certain Topics"  with, my mom was one of them, as she
too has many gifts, although she doesn't talk about it.  But she was a searcher and studied various philosophies aand
religions, which was mostly based around Eastern cultures and modern thinking.  She believed all people had psychic
abilities and she believed in past lives and much more, so I was exposed to all her exploration of these teachings as
well and she studied under, and introduced me to many greats such as  
Sri Swami Satchidananda, (he was the guru
that opened Woodstock).
 Pat Collins, the "Hip Hypnotist", Science of Mind's, Dr. Frank Richelieu and many other
top players within the metaphysical, spiritual and New Age arenas. My mother was one of the first practitioners for
Biorhythm/ Biofeedback; and she loved doing astrology charts as well.   The other person Maureen, who was much
older than me and was more into old school intuitive guidance and such,  introduced me to the Tarot at age 13. My
mom wasn't to keen on the idea, as she believed in science and the stars, more than cards.  But knowing I related to
pictures and I too was more old school, I loved the Greek era, and Merlin nd faries and folklore stories and such;  she
supported what ever it was I wanted to try, to develop my intuitive skills.  I was dyslexic, and the pictures were a
wonderful way for me to read and tell stories and I learned how to interpret what I saw in a very accurate way.    I've
been reading and interpreting the energies through pictures ever since.  I do not read Tarot, "text-book" style, I read
the energies the cards present during your reading and we go from there.  Many come to have me interpret the
energies  and then we explore how they can change the energies to work within their own lives, this is where my
coaching comes in, as I don't just offer a reading, whether using cards or not, I offer you guidance based on the
information at hand.

It wasn't until my late 30s when my children were older, and I realized, they too, especially my son, had gifts as well, that
I decided it was time for me to share my journey and my gifts; to not only assist my children, but to those who had
questions and needed guidance within these arenas as well.  This is when the Enlightening Center became a reality.   

I wanted to open something that could assist those, who also had questions about the metaphysical/spiritual side of life
without feeling awkward or scared that they'd be judged. Trust me, I have been through many trials and tribulations in
my life time, my most recent, I lost my 27 year old son, in May, 2017.  I have witnessed and experienced many miracles
as well and yes, I still believe love can heal all.  But as far as the Enlightening Center,  I also wanted to offer an
alternative to healing.  Somewhere where people could come for health issues, when Traditional" medicine could not
assist or as we've all heard, "oh, it's nothing, it's all in your head! Or it's just stress, get over it!    Well, I'm hear to tell
you -  stress, in itself, can kill!  So alternative health also tries to find the source of your pain or illness and then we heal
that, and then the rest of your being can begin its healing process as well.  Knowing that these were the things I wanted
to accomplish through the Enlightening Center,  I had to put some thought into all of this, and I knew I still had to break
through some barriers, as Laying of the hands, was not accepted in some circles, and I never liked calling myself a
psychic.  Therefore, I did my research and found the closest thing to laying of the hands, which used energy for healing
and this new modality was called  Reiki and I am now a Usui Reiki Master Teacher.  . Much earlier in life, I was
introduced to crystals and would use them  mainly for my intuitive side, but then I got very ill and sought out a Crystal
therapist, and by doing that I was introduced to the healing side of crystals and am now a Crystal Therapist as well.    

Understanding energy as well as I do, and using energy all my life to assist with getting answers; and using energy to
assist with healing, . I developed my own healing modality called "Combined Energy Therapy"
or C.E.T., as I
incorporate all energy levels u
sing different healing modalities within a session.  I incorporate all energies when I do
intuitive work as well;  such as readings, coaching, guidance and yes helping others communicate with those you have
crossed, which is called being a medium.

Since then, I have also written several books:
"Understanding Universal Energies": - It's Just That Simple Series Vol 1 - Free to download and written by God
"Grounding and protection for Everyday Living" - It's Just That Simple Series Vol 2
And my most recent,
(Over 475 pages full of facts, history, charts and stories of my own experiences regarding some
of the topics.)

"Oh, Is That What That Means" -
An A-Z Reference Guide for the Metaphysical, Spiritual, New Age, Alternative &
Paranormal Arenas.

Just visit
the bookstore, to download or order your hard or of course you can pay full price and shipping by ordering it
through Amazon or other book retailers.  

I also started Doing my energy report every Monday as well and you can subscribe to the Youtube channel to be
notified.  Here weekly, I guide you with the energies via a Tarot, a crystal,  and a word to use for the week.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and I hope, I'll be speaking with you soon.  Enjoy my site.
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